In the world of modern games, there are a lot of large-scale projects, which in their scope resemble blockbusters in cinemas and admire their huge structure. However, among such incredible mastodons, there are also the simplest games. They do not set their own rules on the market, do not dictate new trends, and do not in any way affect the natural evolutionary movement of some genres. But at the same time, simple games are no less an important component of the market than games of a huge scale.

If you want to be briefly distracted by a simple game and you have absolutely no desire to delve into the complexity and features of the game project, then Simple Games is definitely your choice! Among the huge number of really complex and special games, there will always be those projects that are extremely simple and painfully understandable to play. Here you do not need to delve into complex mathematical calculations, think over your actions several moves ahead, and think about the next move. You just enjoy the fun procedure of the game and do not bother at all.

Among a large number of simple games, you will find a lot of different options, each of which will look special, offer a unique atmosphere, and allow interacting with completely different objects. Choose the combination of factors that you think are the most adaptable, pleasant, and convenient. After all, games are not a case where you have to try to find compromises, especially when the market is oversaturated with really high-quality offers.