Once, one respected journalist from the specialized media covering the techno world said a very simple, but incredibly significant phrase: “Without shootings, people would have nowhere to put negative energy and the world would be stricter for us.” Numerous studies show that this saying is very true and among the subjects, there is indeed a reduced level of aggression among those who regularly play various shooters. Based on these statistics, we decided to choose for you the best projects of the genre that will not leave you indifferent and will help you join the new game style.

Modern designers have created so many shooters that it is extremely difficult to count. Now players have an amazing selection of projects that are divided among themselves in terms of graphics and gameplay. Several very exotic projects take us to unusual worlds and make it possible to shoot from completely unexpected weapons. Those. The shooter segment is so diverse and unique that even the most ardent opponents of modern shooters will be able to find a project for their interests.

In most games of the genre, you will need to confront real players, each of whom wants to show everyone else their own advantage. To beat everyone, you need to be careful, careful, prudent, and have to learn how to make strategically important decisions extremely quickly. The vast majority of games of the genre are extremely dynamic and the price of any delay is incredibly high.

However, even in the most dynamic projects, users find a special highlight and a way to lead a leisurely battle. There is a whole class of players who prefer not to climb on the rampage, and quietly shoot opponents. Many users of such players are not very fond of, but according to popular wisdom, they won’t judge the winners, and all's fair in war.

Choose the project you like, try different tactics of warfare and show everyone who is the main killer here, who is able to turn the game around alone. In such games, many have found loyal friends with whom you will share a common interest for years. And if you remember that the most wonderful thing in the game is the possibility of team interactions with other users, then the popularity of projects from the Shooter Games category becomes obvious and understandable for each user!