For many pupils, school is a real nightmare and each of us at least once wanted it to end quickly. However, it is difficult to argue with the fact that it is during this life period that a huge number of funny stories are born, the first true friends appear and, in general, you get an unforgettable portion of emotions.

A huge number of different films and TV series were shot about schools. For many, the school has become a real joy, which is then remembered with nostalgia. And it is for this reason that such an entertaining phenomenon could not pass by the gaming industry, which delighted users with its set of chips in the School Games category.

Are you ready to play as a character who needs to reach the heights in his school? Here we are talking not only about the educational component, but also the social factor. It is important to make friends, choose the right electives, help the younger ones, strive for successful completion of the educational process, and prepare for college. But if you just want to plunge into simple game mechanics for a while, then just choose a project in which you will need to go through various locations at the school, collect bonus items, and show excellent results of the passing speed.

Among the huge number of different types of games, you can find both real classic versions, which have gathered around them whole armies of fans, and simple beginners. At the same time, it is difficult to say whether promising and young projects will receive at least part of the popularity of more eminent competitors. Or maybe they will surpass them altogether. Who knows. Try to choose the perfect project for yourself and enjoy high-quality gameplay that will not leave you indifferent.