Games with a scary storyline are just as popular as horror movies. There have always been, are, and will be people who are keen on this kind of adrenaline rush and it is for this reason that Scary Games are in steady demand. If you adore thrills, sharp change of pictures as well as atmosphere, or confrontation with outright evil, then this section is for you.

In our catalog, you are able to find both small arcade indie projects and full-length shooters with screaming elements. The system will offer you to find some hidden things or forgotten locations, and somewhere you will be allowed to shoot at opponents, each of which will try to destroy you.

And it's all served with a sauce of constant tension that will keep you going throughout the game. It doesn't matter why you love games of this format, here you will have something to pay attention to. You can find strategies, fighters, shooters, RPG games, and other games that will pleasantly surprise you with their gameplay.

Among the numerous projects of the Scary Games genre, you can also find multiple games with a well-thought-out storyline and addictive gameplay. Of course, this is not AAA scale, but even browser gaming can pleasantly surprise the most demanding users of our time. Find your favorite project in a wide variety of quality ones and enjoy your game.