There is no more noble warrior than one who can be called the proud name of Samurai. It is approximately on this philosophy that all the teachings of the samurai are built, which were based in distant centuries when people still had no idea about computers and games. Today, the topic of the samurai movement is being actively promoted in the cultural industry. Most of the users prefer to read numerous novels about samurai, like to watch movies about them and, of course, play computer games with the participation of these respected masters of oriental martial arts.

There are so many such projects that they can not only be combined into a genre but also divided into a huge number of subgenres. For example, have you ever tried to play as a samurai who must overcome great distances in order to help his friends or beloved? And what do you think about a project in which a samurai warrior will need to hit a huge number of enemies, and will not have to wait for help from anywhere? And there are just a huge number of such examples. What can we say, if there are computer games where you will have to control the spaceship Yamato and will command on the captain's bridge... well, you already understood who.

In a huge variety of games, you can easily find your own favorite, which will be distinguished by an excellent balance of the graphics component and pleasant control mechanics. But as soon as you pass the chosen game, then proceed to another. Here you will find a huge number of hours of addictive gameplay that will not leave you indifferent.