In recent years, a huge number of different running games began to appear on the market, each of which pleasantly surprises with a combination of their simplicity and exciting control mechanics. In a similar genre, the user is asked to run either from someone or after someone. Much less often, you will simply run somewhere for no apparent reason. However, along the way, your character will collect various bonus components that will allow him to improve his own characteristics.

Quite a little time will pass and a thoughtless run will take on its meaning. Now you will try to do everything that you do better, faster, and better. There are so many similar games that it became possible to combine them into a general section and call this scattering of Running Games games, which fully corresponds to the simplest meaning of the projects presented.

As part of this section, we are glad to introduce you to the most popular, popular, and interesting games that will delight you with their diversity over many years of active gaming. Choose the game that you not only like externally, but that you are most comfortable with. After all, when it comes to projects where the user needs to perform many of the same types of actions, these actions mustn't cause you a controversial and contradictory reaction.

Run long distances, pick up coins, watch out for obstacles and dangers, improve your performance for the funds you find and find, and just have fun.