The Real-time strategy is not just another genre. This is a whole layer of classic games that have done an incredible amount for the development of the gaming industry. A whole scattering of computer games in the RTS Games genre has spawned a huge number of new subgenres and spurred developers to open new companies, which eventually grew into real leaders of the segment. Is it worth explaining what contribution the genre has made to the development of all industries?

And despite all the above advantages, RTS Games had a significant disadvantage. They required significant computing power, which made it impossible to create such games on a browser platform. However, as you know, technologies do not stand still, and recently the creation of full-format real-time strategies has become more than possible on browser platforms.

In the presented catalog, you are able to choose the combination of preferential factors that suits you best. Want to get the best ratio of your graphic to the AI ​​of your opponent? No problems. What if you are only interested in military science and do not want to engage in base construction, which is the main element of the game mechanics in this genre? In this case, we will not quite understand you, because this is the beauty of the games of the genre. But despite our indignation, you will still find such games.

Among the huge number of strategies, you will find a great combination of races, storyline, colorful worlds and complex quest chains, which you also have to complete, since you want to get a full range of unforgettable emotions.