Since the appearance of the first robot concepts, this topic has never lost its interest among the consumer majority, and this is completely understandable. Who doesn't like the idea of ​​having strong, fatigue-free helpers who are programmed to help people? Even though robots today have moved from a fantastic phenomenon to the rank of quite everyday things, many are perceived as something unattainable and distant. It is for this reason that films and games with the participation of robotic humanoid assistants appear with enviable regularity and form separate genres.

In this section, you can get acquainted with a wide selection of modern robot games. In each of the proposed projects, you can find what you love so much. There will be a combination of unique genres and attractive graphics. Want to participate (or start) robot wars? Yes, please! You have quite impressive armies at your disposal, which you can expand. And what can you say about indie projects in which you will need to play the role of a peaceful robot that must pass a huge number of obstacles and find its ultimate goal on the other side of the planet or even the Universe?

Among the wide range of modern games, you will find an exceptional balance of the highest quality and addictive gameplay. The fact that you have to control cute robots already delights gamers. But if we add to this the factor of unpredictability, mixed with an interesting storyline, then the secret of the genre's popularity becomes more than obvious.