Retro Games

The industry of computer and browser games is characterized by a desire for development. Millions of gamers around the world are constantly waiting for the release of new games and the continuation of their favorite projects, which will be significantly better than the first parts. However, among the huge number of new games, there are classic projects, each of which has made a huge contribution to the development of the market. And the vast majority of such games have long been ported from computers and eight-bit consoles to browser versions.

We have collected the best projects from those listed in one section and are pleased to offer you those games that were dearly loved and discussed by a huge number of users around the world. Ready to plunge into the melancholic jungle of Retro Games? Then choose a genre and get a lot of positive emotions in the games that every modern gamer must go through.

Among the huge number of classic projects, you will find both simple platformers and complex action games. In the first case, you will get the maximum pleasure from playing the numerous games so loved by millions of users around the world. And in the second case, you will feel that cascade of amazing adventures through which numerous fans of the genre passed, who were lucky enough to be among the first record-holders to try the “novelties” of the market.

Do you prefer adventure games where you will have to overcome huge distances, defeat monsters, fight various monsters in dungeons, clouds, and oceans? Then join the army of fans of good old retro games, where you don't have to have all the charms of modern graphics. The main thing is the fun and unique atmosphere.