It’s hard enough to imagine a player who has never played racing games in his life. We all at least once tried to defeat countless opponents on numerous tracks. Racing games have occupied their niche at the dawn of the formation of gaming as a modern phenomenon. A huge number of studios and developers began to offer their own versions of racing games, which gave rise to a new format of interesting games that have survived until today.

The games of the racing segment went a long and complex evolutionary path, from simple gameplay, where it was necessary to adapt the model of the car along a dynamically changing road lane, to full-format games of the AAA class with a complex storyline. Today, a racing simulator is an open world, dynamically regenerating tasks, detailed control physics, and an extremely complex damage model. In other words, modern racing games can satisfy even the most demanding gamers in their component.

As for the browser and mobile games of the racing series, there has also been a certain leap in technology. Now you will not just be responsible for the movement of the object in space, but follow a number of secondary tasks and requirements. Expand your garage, tune your vehicles, and win. If the gameplay requires - improve the weapons on your car, and if you find a completely extravagant project, then grow individual parts on outlandish trees (or something else).

At your disposal is a quick technique that can break world records, perplex many opponents, and amaze the imagination. Here you are free to do everything that on public roads in life can never be done. Not only will you not be fined for exceeding you, but you can also be fined for excessive slowness. So stock up on adrenaline, patience and show everyone on the track who is the real master of racing affairs!

A distinctive feature of racing games is the maximum devotion of fans. Numerous studies show that racing simulation players are more devoted to their favorite game projects than gamers of other disciplines. And this means that you can get a unique hobby that will remain with you for many years of gaming hobbies. Join the large community of racers around the world and set new records!