It is difficult to imagine a more cute creation than a puppy. From time immemorial, dogs have been considered man's closest friends, and love for four-legged animals begins right from their birth. When you take this incredibly cute and happy bundle of happiness in your arms, then you simply have no chance and you fall in love. It is difficult to count the number of films in which dogs played key roles, and each of us now remembered at least one picture where the dog played the main role.

Such a demand could not pass by the gaming industry and puppies have become welcome guests in many gaming projects. This is completely unsurprising given the children's passion for puppies. Many parents do not allow their toddlers to have dogs, and the best way to interact with them may be some relevant games.

But in addition to entertaining content, you can introduce your child to the future habits of dog ownership. Show them how to walk the puppy, feed it on time, devote a maximum of your time to it, and be sure to educate it. After all, there are no bad dogs, there are bad owners. Show your child all the peculiarities of dog ownership and explain that a puppy is not only a cute and funny friend, it is also an area of ​​increased responsibility that will be on the kid's conscience.

However, in addition to simulators of dog ownership, in that very section where you will find a huge number of projects in which you can interact with a dog and help her find lost things, protect the territory or help people on various expeditions. In other words - here you will definitely find a game that you like. But more importantly, all these games will feature cute puppies.