Since the original PUBG appeared on the gaming horizon, many millions of users have remained fans of this series forever. And there is a certain zest in this. Here you get everything that people adore.

First, it's about survival. If you do not follow the statistics of the popularity of various game projects, then you should know one very interesting fact - games in the survival genre always enjoy higher ratings than even larger projects, but in other genres. Just what is the sharp spurt in the popularity of the game Rust, after it was simply broadcast by the popular streamer in 2021. The project burst into first place in the largest game store in the world in a couple of days. Such tricks have not yet worked with any other genre.

Secondly, we are talking about a shooter. At the same time, the developers were able to create unique shooting mechanics, which does not provide for the first-person action, but a very unusual view of the camera. However, it definitely benefited the genre.

Thirdly, the ability to quickly find solutions in difficult situations. Even though in PUBG you need to act slowly (the ability to hide and attack unsuspecting opponents is important), here you also need to be able to quickly make a decision (where to move, how to attack, which point to occupy, etc.)

And finally, fourth... PUBG is incredibly fun. You are thrown into an incomprehensible location, they tell you that the position you are in will soon be unusable and you rush headlong across the entire map, trying to shoot all those poor fellows who are trying to escape like you.

Are you interested? Choose any game of the genre and start your domination story. Show everyone who is the best shooter!