A prison is, in a way, a mystical place that holds quite some power over the ordinary man. It is safe to assume that pretty much everyone has at some point thought about how a prison looks on the inside, what it is like, and primarily - how they would fare in a prison. Is it as harsh an environment as is being said, or would it be a breeze for me? Well it is also safe to think that no one would really like to find that out themselves first-hand.

Be that as it may, this mystical prison fantasy inside everyone’s mind is what inspires the genre of prison games to appear. Usually as simple as escapist games in stickman form, allowing you to test the limits of the guards’ patience, interesting and original ways to contemplate and execute your escape plans with the tools at your disposal. In these games you have to be observant, patient and utilize all the tools you can find. If you miss your chance, it is highly likely you will get caught,which will result in harsher confinements, where your extreme prison thoughts might even come true.

Another type of the prison genre of games is that where you take a position of a tycoon, a building game where you build your own prison, place guards and test the “safety” you have provided the inmates with.

If you have also had one of these prison fantasies, and obviously agree that it would be no good to end up in one such prison, you have all the games at your disposal to test what it would be like escaping master-crafted prisons like Alcatraz, or building one at your own disposal, I say fantasize no longer and try your hand at it in-game.