The pool is not only the best way to cool off in the incredible heat, but it is also a great play platform on which to organize a lot of incredible adventures. Apparently, it was this logic that was guided by numerous developers of browser games, since in recent years a huge number of high-quality, interesting, and incredibly exciting projects tied to pools have appeared on the market.

We decided to introduce you to the best representatives of the new genre and show you how you can combine a pleasant bathing procedure in cool water with an incredible number of different tasks. Here are the best projects of the genre that are in the highest demand or are at the beginning of the path to their glory.

Nobody could have imagined that the number of games with the main action taking place in the pool could collect such a variety of content. Here you will be able to both conduct regular competitions and escape from sharks. And no one will wonder how the sharks ended up in the pool at all. Users like this kind of dynamic interaction, and when it is accompanied by a summer mood, it gives an additional layer of pleasant emotions.

Choose the game that will ideally suit your requirements, taste preferences, and will look as attractive as possible. Show all gamers on the planet what a truly record-breaking performance is in any of the selected projects. Establish dominance in your pool and defeat opponents in any of the competitions. Well, enjoy the amazing atmosphere of summer if it's damp outside your window now. And if it's incredibly hot outside, then feel the cool atmosphere along with the cozy and refreshing pool.