There is a colossal number of boys and girls in the world who, from an early age, dreamed of joining the police force. An incredible number of cool films have been made about the police and the profession has become fundamental in the detective genre, which has spawned a whole layer of magnificent literary works over the past hundred years. It is worth admitting that this popularity had an impact on the gaming industry, in which projects began to appear, where the police are involved in one way or another.

This section contains the most popular, high-quality, and demanded games about the police from all modern browser projects. Do you want to pursue criminals and stand guard over the law? You will have to participate in breathtaking races and find notorious scoundrels who are hiding from justice. At the same time, you are able to try yourself in various projects, where you will be allowed to pursue suspects on various types of transport, from a bicycle to super-modern cars.

Well, if you wish to play for the opposing side, then set your terms, leave the chase and leave your pursuers in the fools. Find the safest routes and properly organize your robbery so that no one rushes to look for you.

Modern police games abound with a huge selection and are among the highest quality in the industry. It all depends on your reaction, speed, and ability to find solutions in the most difficult situations. Do you want to test your strengths and skills? Then pick a side and get to work!