Many young gamers mistakenly believe that Pokémon are only gaining popularity now. However, in fact, these cute characters date back to 1996, when the first two Pokemon games appeared on consoles. Since then, the wonderful creatures have gone through completely different stages in their own history, but they have never been forgotten by true fans and were always ready to help their loyal friends.

In recent years, Pokémon have experienced a new youth and rebirth. In this regard, a huge number of different games began to appear on the market, many of which were ported by developers to browser versions. We are pleased to offer you a rich and incredibly exciting world of games about these fantastic creatures, each of which has truly unique physical and magical properties.

Among the many offers, you will find both projects dedicated to specific Pokemon, and complex games where you will have the opportunity to play as several characters at once. Plunge into the unique world of Pokémon and complete incredible tasks. Find friends, defeat enemies, and simply win popular love, which Pokémons already have a lot of.

You can choose a game that will perfectly balance between a fascinating plot and unusual game mechanics. Want to play something incredibly dynamic? No problem! You can choose the most vivid and catchy game where your Pokémon will perform some actions at an amazing speed. But if you are not interested in this and you just came here to relax after a difficult day at work, then choose something simple, unhurried, and with a claim to logical quest projects.