Point-And-Click Games are among the most popular among modern browser projects. The secret of such popularity is extremely simple - such projects are in steady demand among both young and old audiences. Who doesn't love games in which attention and logical action are the main factors for victory?

The essence of the genre is to find the necessary objects in fixed locations and activate them in a certain way to achieve the goal and further advance through the levels. Such games became incredibly popular immediately after the release of two legendary quests, in which the developers combined the classic "adventure games" with the elements of Point-And-Click. Analysts noticed that the majority of gamers liked the part of the game more, where it was necessary to find various components within a static picture and combine them, which gave rise to a whole layer of new games.

We are happy to have collected the best and highest quality proposals of the genre in this section. You have the opportunity to try your hand at both the real hits of the season and the dark horses at the dawn of their fame. Whichever you choose, you should try both the fastest-growing modern projects and the legendary games that set the tone for the entire genre.

Well, as for the plot component, then here you will find an incredible number of different options, which are divided both into countries and into plots, eras, and even worlds. Want to find the answer in a robotic post-apocalyptic world where everything depends on a little wasteland dweller who goes in search of his beloved? How do you like the idea of ​​saving cakes from the clutches of bloodthirsty cakes? Yes, there are such things in the genre. Choose the best projects and have fun!