With the advent of Super Mario, platforming has taken to a whole new level. If earlier the developers had no idea how to interest the user in jumping from level to level and what the character would do at the same time, then after the triumphant march of the cult game, everyone immediately understood what set of actions the protagonist of any new game should have.

And even though this was only the start of the path in the development of a whole genre, many developers made a name for themselves on such projects. Over the years, platformers have begun to evolve, acquire new opportunities, and several projects have completely shot up due to the simplest mechanics of the game. Apparently, many users are bored with the complex gameplay in the simple genre, and that is why they welcomed the new generation of simplified games in the Platform Games genre extremely warmly.

We have collected the best and most popular projects that are definitely worth your close attention. Try to achieve your goal, jump to the finish line on a difficult level, or just practice your reaction speed. Whichever you choose, you will have the opportunity to play one of the many best sellers that have garnered a huge amount of positive reviews online.

Among modern platformers, you will find both extremely simple games, where you will need to perform step-by-step and similar actions, as well as complex projects, in which you will get acquainted with a fairly developed storyline. But whatever you choose, you will be happy, because those who have never played a platformer have never played anything at all. At least this is the opinion of some highly respected journalists covering the news in the gaming world.