Among the huge number of modern games about violence, murder, and other harsh things there is a place for culinary simulators that do not leave indifferent all categories of gamers. This is the very case when you will have the opportunity to try to cook the most amazing of all dishes with your own hands and to join the restaurant business.

A large number of such games appear every year, and of course, this is due to the colossal demand from users. We have collected the best projects in which you will have to cook pizza and we want to warn you - you better do not sit down to play on an empty stomach!

Among the projects presented, you can choose exactly what you like best. Want to try your hand at being the chef of the coolest pizzeria in New York? How about taking a forgotten place in the backwoods under your wing and bringing it to fame. True, in this case, you will play as a character who is only at the very beginning of the path to the heights of cooking, but victory comes only to those who work hard and receive dividends from their training.

You can combine the ingredients the way you want, but sometimes you have to fulfill orders in strict accordance with customer requirements. Try it, experiment with additives, and create a unique pizza that will be famous all over the world. Attract more customers to your restaurant and become the most sought-after pizza master on the planet. Who knows, perhaps in this game you will find your calling and soon you will become a star who will create culinary masterpieces. But even if this is not in your plans, then enjoy all aspects of the great games that are presented in this section.