The pirate theme is one of the most interesting, addicting, and fun. Among other things, it is ideal for the gaming industry, because if you consider the main factors of the pirate world, then everything here is ideal for creating a real hit in the gaming industry. Treasures, shooting, wars, confrontations, sailing, beautiful ships, and a whole ocean of adventure. Isn't that the perfect set of factors for a cool game?

A large number of developers were guided by the same thoughts, each of whom began to offer his own vision of a high-quality game about pirates, and a huge part of such games was successfully ported from mobile versions to browser versions. We have collected the best options for such projects and are pleased to offer you a wide choice for every taste.

If you want to play the role of a gentleman of fortune and ride the wind, then choose one of the many games where you have to cross the seas, rob all opponents passing by and simply terrify all the inhabitants of coastal cities. Well, if you want to fight filibusters and your goal is to restore order in the world's waters, then hire a brave team, choose the most powerful and fast ship and go ahead - to glory and respect!

Whatever you choose, be it a pirate ship simulator, or an adventure game in which you need to find lost treasures, you will receive a cascade of unforgettable emotions that will accompany you for many years. Enjoy fully modern games, each of which will delight you with its versatility and fun.