Since its invention, the piano has been a very popular musical instrument that millions of people around the world and at all times wanted to master. However, if musical skills were given to everyone as easily as they would like, then the world would be much more beautiful and musical. In order to play or write a really beautiful piece, you need years of practice and constant work on your improvement.

In recent years, the technologies for creating various computer games have advanced so far that developers within the framework of browser projects began to offer users their vision of piano simulators. This is the perfect way to try playing your favorite instrument with no years of training and minimal knowledge. We have collected the best projects that are in one way or another related to the Piano Games category and are pleased to offer you completely different games where you will have to act both as a musician and as a composer.

Create unique melodies and introduce them to the world. Create real masterpieces or play world-famous hits in your performance. Whatever you choose, you will receive a lot of incredible emotions that will plunge you into the rich and wonderful world of music. But if a simple creative flight without any restrictions is not enough for you, then try playing one of the many piano simulators, where the system will offer you to play some excerpt from a famous work and you will need to do this with a minimum number of errors and in limited conditions. amount of time. Are you ready for this kind of challenge? Then sit back and call your relatives to the computer. The evening promises to be fun.