For some, physics is the real embodiment of magic, while others consider it to be the main science. But what is real physics really? But in fact, it is a cross between magic and science. A huge number of computer games that are based on the basic laws of physics are a vivid confirmation of this.

Do you want to try to move massive objects that could never be visually moved in your life, but in fact, everything is not so simple. Knowing the simple rules and laws of physics, you can do anything at all. It was not in vain that Archimedes claimed that he could move the earth if there was a fulcrum. Are you ready to test the statements of great scientists in practice? Then let's get started!

In the presented section, we have collected all the logic games in which you one way or another have to interact with various objects. Among the many games in this section, you will find both simple physics simulators, where you will need to move massive objects in space, and complex games in which certain physical actions will be skillfully intertwined with a complex storyline.

Whatever you choose, you will learn a lot about the basic laws of physics. But what is much more important - all this will not be imposed by boring textbooks but will be learned by you through fun practice. Try moving a mountain with simple trees or pouring liquid from a bottle without touching the container. You will find a huge number of similar tasks in the games of the section, and if this is not enough for you, then you can play one of the many projects that will acquaint you with the difficult fate of the main characters who will have to perform complex actions, including those based on physical puzzles... Ready to challenge yourself? Then choose any of the presented games and start!