Pets have become an integral part of human culture over the past several thousand years. We love them, we care about them, and all this just because they are incredibly cute. Naturally, pets have won the hearts of all mankind and have become one of the most frequent guests in both the cinema and the gaming industry. It would be extremely strange not to find modern pet games in modern realities.

In this section, we have collected the best projects of the Pet Games category, which will delight you with a whole scattering of modern genres. Do you want to go on an incredibly long journey playing as your favorite dog? Your main tasks will be to find various treasures and new friends. Or maybe you want to solve complex problems playing as a cunning and smart cat? Not a big deal! At your disposal are the most popular, fresh and popular games of the format, which were presented in-browser versions.

Here you are able to find the perfect balance between genre, dynamism, beauty, and storyline. You will be able to choose a project as accurately as possible, which will not only be able to distract you from the daily hustle and bustle but will become a real hobby for many years. We closely follow the segment and constantly update the section with new products that cause a large number of positive reviews on the network.

Do you want to enjoy active and dynamic multiplayer and confront real players from all over the world? No problem! Set new records, set your own rules, and make your opponents fear you no matter what you do. Make everyone respect your pet and achieve dizzying victories!