In the world of modern gaming, there are a huge number of examples when developers choose some cute animal as the main character. And, it would seem, this is a common practice that brings results. But some animals or birds are famous for their special appeal, and among them are majestic, funny, awkward, and incredibly cute penguins that everyone loves.

A couple of decades ago, the first cycles of animated films about the main character, a penguin, who was able to solve numerous problems with his inherent charm, appeared. Since then, the number of penguins in movies, cartoons, and games has increased exponentially. Today, game developers have created a whole scattering of modern projects, each of which is more or less tied to penguins.

Do you want to try to play as an arctic bird, where you will have to look for various supplies and feed your relatives? How about the idea of ​​a penguin commander who is ready to throw an uncountable army of penguins into an unequal battle and conquer neighboring icebergs? Well, if you do not want any bloody confrontations with other relatives, then choose a project in which your character will go on long journeys, where he will find new adventures, friends, and various treasures.

Show everyone how best to pass this or that game. Set new world records and force all users to try to achieve the results that you could achieve. Become the strongest and most invincible penguin in the area and enjoy hours of active gaming in one of the many projects.