Parkour in the sense in which we know it appeared relatively recently. However, it is worth noting the dramatically increased popularity of this culture in the last decade. People are attracted by the very opportunity to jump between various obstacles, and when true masters of their craft do it, such a procedure looks like a real flight, where it seems that the force of gravity is not subject to a person at all. Who doesn't want to feel such strong emotions?

Every year, parkour gradually turned from an outlandish hobby into a real sports discipline, around which athletes began to consolidate and create their own rules. Naturally, such a steady demand from ordinary people gave rise to a whole scattering of various computer games, where each user could fully enjoy the delights of parkour and try to repeat the unique movements.

In this section, we have collected the best projects of the genre, which in one way or another relate to parkour. Here you can try your hand at incredibly complex architectural objects and set a new record for the speed of overcoming this or that object. Want to climb the tallest building in the world? What about conquering the most dangerous pillar of the bridge? How about the idea of ​​jogging on complex rooftops? Here you can do everything that in real life it is better to never do if you do not have many years of practice behind your shoulders. If you want to plunge into the amazing and unique world of parkour, then this section is definitely worth your close attention!