Many novice drivers are afraid of the parking procedure. This is a completely natural and justified fear because until you have fully learned how to drive a car, it is quite difficult to feel its dimensions. Namely, this is the main factor for correct, safe, and fast parking. But is everything as complicated as we used to think? Let's try to figure it out!

Even though every year more and more different technologies for training future drivers appear in the world, the parking procedure is still an extremely difficult element for all students. Looking at all this, numerous developers of computer games have created a large number of simulators in which you can practice the theory of parking and more. Through these projects, you will be able to learn how to plan the trajectory of your vehicle. You will understand how best to "enter" the parking maneuver and what you need to pay attention to. In the end, any skill comes with a lot of attempts, and what could be better than a virtual simulator of such a responsible and extremely dangerous action?

Some games in this section will allow you not only to park. They will provide an opportunity to travel freely around the city at all. Try to feel the size of your vehicle. Feel the general flow behavior. Try switching the turn signals, using a manual transmission, and in general - experience all the delights of driving. The best games of this format are presented to your attention, each of which will allow you to enjoy the desired procedure for driving a car.