The Papa Louie series of games, immediately after its inception, set a new high-quality bar for games of this format. This is a very rare case when each of the users has a great opportunity to fully and completely plunge into the atmosphere of the restaurant business and glorify their establishment all over the world. When the first original games of the series appeared, specialized specialists predicted a great future for them, and a sharp influx of players only confirmed the forecasts of specialists. As a result, various developers began to release such games in huge numbers, which affected the emergence of competitive proposals.

Ultimately, the segment grew to the point where users were able to play countless variations of the chef theme. Now not only sweets and pizza. Now gamers have access to various cuisines of the world, a huge list of exclusive dishes, and even micro-cooking, which has taken a special place among a huge number of classic options.

We have combined all the games of the genre in one section and you will have the opportunity to try to cook each of the dishes offered by the system. However, we dare to warn you - do not sit down to play on an empty stomach, you are guaranteed to drool from everything that you cook with the help of Papa Louis and his assistants.

Well, if for some reason you get tired of raising the popularity of your restaurant, then try a few games from the series of adventures where you will need to enter the otherworldly worlds and save your friends. There will be no need to cook complicated dishes, but you will get adventure for long hours of active gaming!