It's hard to find a cute, fun, and awkward animal than the Panda. These teddy bears will fall in love with anyone at first sight. Sometimes you are moved by their sluggishness, and when you watch numerous videos about pandas falling from trees, a logical question arises in your head about how they have not died out yet. However, these charms do not care and they feel great both in the wild and in numerous special zoos.

Such love for certain animals could not pass by the film industry and the gaming segment. A huge number of developers have chosen Pandas as the main character for their future hits. And this step had its success, because when a really high-quality and interesting game is being created, it is extremely important to choose a cute, strong, kind and beloved character for her, and the Panda fits perfectly with the above characteristic.

In this section, you will find numerous games with cute bears. You will have to play as Panda, play against Pandas, play instead of Pandas. In other words - you will have to completely plunge into the world of these amazing animals that take with their charm.

However, among the games presented, you will find both completely logical projects and completely absurd scenarios. In the first, you will have to build houses for black and white puffs and do everything to make them feel extremely comfortable in the conditions you have created. And secondly, you will have to teach your Panda how to operate a space liner and go in search of new worlds in deep space. Here everyone will find exclusively what they have been looking for for so long. And who even said that pandas cannot be astronauts?