Among the huge number of modern developers, some studios focus on the quality of projects being implemented. Some pay little attention to the cosmetic component but rely on the number of games. And some perfectly balance between the two listed factors and manage to regularly release real hits. Among the latter, there is Paco Games. These guys not only became real masters of browser games but also spawned a whole scattering of really high-quality and modern games of a new format, which gather armies of fans around them.

In the presented section, we have collected the best projects from Paco Games, which have made a huge number of users fall in love around the world. Here you will get the opportunity to participate in breathtaking races and try your hand at logic games. And if this is not enough for you, then feel the full power of role-playing games that will give you a cascade of new emotions and forever change your perception of browser games. If you thought that such projects are always limited in the plot component and do not represent anything serious, then you are deeply mistaken.

Among other things, in games from Paco Games, several special solutions focus the user's attention on isolated mechanics. The developer focuses on the fact that the player should not have disabilities when playing an exciting shooter, racing simulator, or adventure game. It is for this reason that all Paco Games fans get a full cascade of emotions playing their favorite projects.