There have been many projects in the history of the gaming industry that not only left their mark but also significantly influenced the development of the entire market. What are Super Mario, Contra, or Prince of Persia? One of such cult projects was the classic PacMan, which encouraged the developers of a whole galaxy of studios to release their own vision of how projects of this format should look like. And even though immediately after the release of Pacman, a huge number of alternative projects appeared, the original game was still in steady demand.

After the resounding success of Pac-Man, clones of games immediately began to appear on the market, where the developers visually visualized the possibilities that could complement the classic version. And I must admit that it was popular, and the genre received a tremendous boost in development.

Over time, a segment of browser games appeared, which developed to the point where it was possible to port any application or game without losing its quality and functionality. And when full-scale projects on the PC had gone far enough in development, browser games based on the classic PacMan got a second life. Only now the developers have received tremendous opportunities in the form of new technologies and additions to the gameplay.

Thus, a whole segment of Pac-Man Games was formed, which is still in high demand, which once again confirms the legendary nature of the original project, in which the cute main character moved around the map and ate various fruits. Are you ready to plunge into the legendary gaming atmosphere that all players of the last millennium have been in? Then choose the project that appeals to you more and beat other people's records!