When the first games with multiplayer mode appeared, numerous media outlets argued with one voice that this was a natural evolutionary process for the entire gaming industry. And we must admit that this was indeed the case. If before the popularization of online games everyone sat mainly at home and played their favorite games, now users have the opportunity to challenge players from all over the world and this opened up new opportunities.

If earlier players could only compete with a limited computer opponent, now it was possible to resist a cunning person who had his vision of the game, his own strategy, and isolated tactics. In such conditions, all games received a new round of development and this could really be called evolution. But besides the obvious advantages in competing with other users, people got the opportunity to learn from each other, and this gave rise to the first army of gamers who set the bar for gaming to new heights every year.

Over time, technologies have evolved to the point where games could be safely ported to browser versions while maintaining a high quality of implementation. If the first browser games were only the simplest arcade simulators of geometric figures, now it was possible to find not only full-length works but also strategies that allow you to play with other users on the network.

In the presented section you will find a game that ideally suits all your expectations. Do you want to participate in wars and compete with the armies of other players? What about cooperative combat against challenging AI opponents? In this section, you will find unforgettable projects that will delight you with interesting gameplay and unique conditions.