Modern games abound in a huge variety of genres and delight users with an incredible number of different types of projects. But among the countless action games, shooters, and arcade entertainment, there is a genre that attracts gamers with any gaming preferences. We are talking about number games, where you have to interact in a certain way with numbers in any form.

The genre became incredibly popular with the release of the hit called 2048. Then the mobile application, which offered the user to gradually add numbers of the same type into large sums, literally conquered the planet. Everyone happily set their own records and bragged about their personal achievements in the game. Users had their own strategies on how to collect the required amount as efficiently as possible and achieve new heights.

A little later, the market found other games that were somewhat reminiscent of 2048 but differed in the overall presentation. In the end, there were so many games with similar mechanics that they could be grouped into a separate genre. It is this genre that specialized specialists have nicknamed Number Games.

Collect numbers in one row, in two rows, in many rows and add, delete, multiply ... In other words, do whatever you like with mathematical values. Of course, it is not always possible to implement any ideas here, and Number Games is not at all a springboard for realizing all your creative potential, but you have a great opportunity to enjoy the addictive gameplay that you will remember for a long time in an exclusively positive light.