For the past several centuries, Ninja warriors have been the epitome of superior military skills. These are the same martial arts masters who can complete even impossible missions. It is hard to imagine a warrior caste that is more invisible and effective. It is for this reason that the genre of Ninja Games games has become extremely popular among modern gamers.

In our section, you will find a huge number of modern browser games in which you will have to control Japanese combat masters. Here you can find a project that will be organized solely according to your preferences. Would you like to play a single-player campaign as a warrior who eliminates enemies, gains experience, and improves? But what if you are offered the management of an entire school of Ninja, where you have to raise young fighters who can give their lives to complete the mission? Whatever you choose, you will enjoy a full cascade of unforgettable emotions that will accompany you throughout the game.

However, among the completely obvious representatives of the market, you will find absolutely unexpected games that will plunge you into an incredible atmosphere of uniqueness. Here you will have to manage the masters of combat in completely unexpected roles. How about a ninja chef? Or what can you say about a ninja who will have to control a train? Even though such ideas sound very crazy, they are in very strong demand among users. Who knows, you might also enjoy playing as a deadly train driver with a katana peeking out from his back.