Mysteries are one of the most requested topics in modern culture. A huge number of books have been written on this topic, which have become cult bestsellers at all times. The topic of secrets has been beautifully revealed both in the cinema and in numerous television shows. And it is not surprising that in such high demand, the gaming industry has also created a whole scattering of its proposals, which in one way or another, concerned secrets.

We decided to collect the best browser games that open the veil over various kinds of secrets, tell about mystical orders, open new and unknown chapters of human history. Simply put - before you is a complete set of really high-quality games that will allow you to fully and completely plunge into the cult of modern conspiracy theories. Are you intrigued? Then what are you waiting for?

Among the projects presented, you will find both real hits of the season, around which a whole fan base of users has long appeared, and unknown newcomers. The wide variety of genres in this category will allow you to choose only what you have been looking for for so long. It doesn't matter how much dynamic gameplay attracts you. Here you will find a game for every taste.

Excellent gameplay, storytelling, storytelling? And what if we offer you the absence of some kind of story in the game and suggest, on an intuitive level, to go through some kind of arcade game that will be completely saturated with an aura of mystery. Whatever you choose, you will definitely have fun and get away from the daily hustle and bustle. At the same time, you will try a new genre that is gaining popularity and soon will become a real trend. Would you like to be the first among your friends to try out new items from the Mystery Games category?