The games in the My Little Pony Games series have become so popular that a huge number of developers have released their versions of this adventure saga. And if in the original versions, users were offered a whole list of different stories with the participation of their beloved Pony, then in a large number of other projects numerous alternative scenarios began to appear, in which young gamers could find a new round of adventure development.

In the presented catalog you can find a whole scattering of games, where you will have the widest possibilities of interaction with the little Pony. Now you have to solve numerous riddles, find treasures, look for new friends, travel, discover new lands, and just have fun. There has never been such a wide variety in the new format browser games!

The cycle of games My Little Pony Games has become one of the most popular also due to the highest ratings from a large number of specialized specialists. Many projects in the section received high scores for the educational component in games because the youngest category of gamers got the opportunity to interact with information of a different nature, which became the reason for defining games as educational.

Whichever of the presented projects you choose, you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the addictive gameplay and get a lot of unforgettable impressions. Make new friends and enjoy fun adventures that you will truly remember for years to come.