Rhythm.This is all you will need. If you do not have it you might enjoy music games even more so. Music game genre has been around for…well, forever, really. Everyone has at least once tried their hand at some sort of rhythmic, music game where you press the arrows in the right directions as the music plays, where it gets progressively faster and harder and so on…you know the one I’m talking about.

It mostly allows you to do something while jamming to your favorite songs, or while you are finding out about new ones, which is just as good. Broaden your music horizons, always.

Somehow these games are managing to get crazier each time I look them up, pushing the limits of technology since the start of their career onwards. Not many games where you can literally play with a guitar, you feel?

As it turns out, you can even play some of them without sound, while somewhere where you need to be quiet but also you really want to kill some time? Well music games excell in this area, as you can play most on your phone and just rock it out while pressing buttons to some Beethoven, Iron Maiden, or K-pop to pass the time.

Music games really are unmatched in what they do, and that is what allows them to keep the simplicity going while pushing out what you can do, or what you do the same thing with, they have the complete monopoly over their competition-less genre. And the good thing is you no longer need to download or spend money on most of them, as they are available on the browser, yet some people will still spend money on sick music game gear like a pen and a drawing tablet.

Jam it out!