In the world of browser gaming, there are a huge number of different projects, in each of which the user is invited to try his own set of functional responsibilities. In recent years, among the numerous game genres, games that concentrate the user's attention and train his interaction with a computer mouse have become especially popular.

Such projects became incredibly popular after a series of interviews from professional e-sportsmen, who admitted that they "click" through browser projects from the Mouse Games category.

We decided to collect the richest collection of similar games and presented you with the most interesting, exciting, and popular projects that can help you both in training and simply to captivate you with interesting gameplay during a free pause.

Such offers are pleasing as everything here depends on the speed of decision-making and increases the user's concentration. You don't have to solve complex problems, figure out algorithms for complex actions, or find answers to difficult questions. The system will simply prompt you to interact with some object (a series of objects), which will require your speed and good mouse control skills.

But in a huge variety of “simple” games, you can find truly exciting projects that will not only attract you with elementary mechanics but also allow you to fully enjoy high-quality gameplay, multiplied by a good level of plot component. Ready to try your luck and try a new genre? Then choose the type of game that interests you the most and start breaking other people's records!