The theme of monsters has become incredibly popular for a long time and has made a significant contribution to the history of the development of modern culture. Today it is impossible to count how many movies and TV series show us monsters. However, this does not bother users with the topic. On the contrary, it is expanding significantly and new books, cartoons, and games appear. With the latter, the topic generally has a special relationship, because in recent years a huge number of real box-office projects have appeared, which were closely related to the theme of monsters.

And as usual, every self-respecting genre - games about monsters systematically began to migrate from full PC format to browser versions. If you want to try yourself in the role of a monster, then choose a project that suits you as much as possible in terms of gameplay and storyline.

In this list, you have an opportunity to choose a game in which you will have the opportunity to play both an evil and a good monster. And who even said that monsters must be negative characters. A huge number of modern films show that these amazing characters are sometimes much more human than people.

But be that as it may - choose the most interesting, fun, and exciting version of the game and start a new story with the monsters, as you did not have to interact with them. Do you want to destroy the evil monsters that terrorize your settlements? Nobody bothers you! What if you have to play the other side and attack people? Can you cope with such a difficult task? Until you try it, you won't know for sure.