Monkey Games

Banana Jungle

Monkeys are not only majestic animals that occupy one of the highest levels in the natural world. These adorable creatures are distinguished by incredible strength, agility, and sufficiently high intelligence, which in some aspects confuses many scientists. It is known for certain that the visual memory of monkeys is significantly superior to that of humans, and in many intellectual aspects, we are completely behind our closest relatives in the natural world.

It is no coincidence that monkeys play a colossal role in human culture. Somewhere they were worshiped, somewhere they were very afraid. And all this has significantly influenced the popularization of animals around the world. With the onset of the Hollywood era, monkeys have become regular guests in the world of cinema and print publications, and this demand influenced the birth of a huge number of computer and browser games. Users have the opportunity not only to observe these wonderful representatives of the fauna from a distance but also to play for them in one of the many games.

Do you want to try yourself in the role of a simple monkey that will get some goodies from the trees? And what can you say if you are entrusted with a whole monkey kingdom, which you will have to manage wisely and very judiciously? Here you will get the opportunity to play on different animals and try games of completely unexpected genres, ranging from simple arcade adventure games to military simulators where monkeys - generals run everything. You will definitely not get bored and you will have a great opportunity to choose a unique game that will remain in your heart for many years.