Here is a genre of games that really spans itself far and wide along the coasts of the gaming industry, monkey-themed games have always been around, without anyone really focusing on them as such, they really could be considered a phenomena. Rarely will you meet a person that does not enjoy at least some monkey themed game, and even more rare a person that expresses their dislike for them. Monkeys can really cover all sorts of gameplay ideas, for everyone’s preferences they really are a universal animal.

From the simplest to some of the most amazing looking triple-A titles, this animal has all the appeal.

This genre has probably even started a lot of gaming “careers” with certain classic titles which cause infinite nostalgia when mentioned, but also helped a lot of students through boring lectures with certain pass time, tower defense titles which one could play to infinity and back, truly amazing.

Sometimes, if you need to wind down and just enjoy yourself as a monkey in a jungle, since that does not seem acceptable in the real world, usually, some of these games will allow for that, swinging from enormous trees you can really feel the wind in your fur, it really makes you feel like a monkey…In a good way!

Anyway, if you do from time to time feel this way, that is completely fine, encouraged, even! The good thing with that is, you no longer need to search up something weird like “that old monkey game I played as a kid”, or “new monkey games”, as they are collected for you to enjoy on your browser infinitely, even the ones for which you might have needed an emulator before, God knows that is a bore, so forget that whole ordeal and just unwind yourself, monkey stile.