The impact mobile gaming has had on the entire gaming industry is a real delight. At a time when everyone was sure that modern entertainment projects had reached their apogee in the development of technology, the first mobile games began to appear in the world, which already resembled a modern image. These were the first cases when users were carried away by new entertainment projects on their own smartphones, and then few suspected that this type of ported games would become not just a sought-after concept, but a real market segment in which tens of billions of dollars would spin annually.

Over the years, the possibilities of mobile platforms have grown and with their help, games have become more elaborate and complex. By the mid-tenths, mobile applications had already acquired a polysyllabic structure, which began to acquire a plot component, and all this led to the real popularization of an entire segment in a completely new industry. Now the expression “mobile game” was not associated with something extremely simple and primitive, and the availability of high-quality games became a necessity for every user.

And if earlier mobile games were ported from full-format computer versions, today the situation is already the opposite. A huge number of browser games originate precisely from mobile projects, which are famous for an interesting plot and the highest quality of implementation. If for some reason it is not very convenient for you to play from your smartphone, but the format of “light” and interesting mobile projects attracts you, then try to find your favorite game in the presented section. Ultimately, you don't have to download and install the app. You just go into the project and immediately enjoy the gameplay that will not leave you indifferent.