To understand the popularity of the MMO Games genre, it is worth remembering what the first mass projects were, still on eight-bit consoles in the 80s of the last century. Among the huge number of games that were created then, a special place was occupied by various fighting games, which presented the gaming industry with completely new opportunities. The eagerness with which a huge number of players rushed to learn the games of the genre prompted the developers to invest more effort and money in the creation of several new bestsellers.

Today the market situation has not changed at all. MMO Games are still not the absolute majority in the market, but such projects are in steady demand. Who doesn't like games where everything depends solely on your skills, abilities, reactions, and tactical actions?

Another obvious feature of the genre was the choice between the confrontation with computer or real opponents. As soon as you get tired of fighting with a soulless machine, choose a project in which thousands of fighters from all over the world gather. Challenge any opponent to the ring, set your own rules, and dominate! Remember, even an undefeated champion always has a new contender to reclaim the title. For this reason, be as vigilant as possible and try hard in every fight you have!

Among the huge number of modern browser-based fighting games, you will find both classic examples of games of this format, and completely new proposals that can surprise with their originality. In any case, you do not need to download and install all the games, so you will have a great opportunity to try out all projects to determine your own favorite in the genre.