The military industry is a favorite topic not only for filmmakers but also for a huge number of modern game developers. It is difficult to imagine how fewer game projects would be on the market if all military projects that are dearly loved by a huge number of users disappeared.

And if earlier military projects were the prerogative of exclusively full-format games, today technologies allow implementing browser games in which you will be allowed to fully play with expensive, complex, and deadly military equipment. Are you ready to establish dominance in your own region or advance to new lands for conquest? Then choose a project to your liking and start preparing for war.

Among the huge number of games of the same type, completely different proposals are presented to your attention. Here you can control a separate military unit and use it to sweep away enemies in huge numbers. But if you are interested in larger-scale plots, then choose games in which you will be tasked with creating a military base, collecting a professional army, and moving forward to meet the enemy, who also does not rest on his laurels and is also engaged in training his troops.

Any action in the theater of war is always a balance of logic, strength, strategy, and tactics. Show the best qualities of a legendary commander and defeat enemies. And when you get tired of confronting soulless computer opponents, you can choose a game in which you will have the opportunity to fight against real users. The same as yourself. And only then will your adventures become truly reckless and exciting. Show everyone who's a master here and set new records!