It's not a secret for anyone that the success of the image of the little mermaid gained its enormous popularity after the release of the cartoon of the same name in the 90s of the last century. Since then, Mermaid has become not only a welcome guest in cartoons, fairy tales, and books for children but also a regular in the gaming industry, where the developers have a whole list of tools for integrating the people's favorite into modern games. After the premiere of the heroine in several game projects, the image of Mermaid gained even more popularity and the main character became a planet-wide darling not only of children but also of their parents.

Among the huge list of such projects, you can find both the most interesting and full-format proposals that will plunge you into an unforgettable storyline and force you to worry about the main characters, as well as simple arcade games. In the latter, you just have to step by step perform a series of similar actions that will lead to victory and allow you to have fun. But for those who are tired of dynamic and complex gaming, such projects will be a real finding.

In any case, in recent years the number of such projects has grown significantly and now you have the opportunity to choose exclusively what you have always loved. Do you want to get an exciting adventure in which your Little Mermaid will have to look for her friends, lost treasures, or a prince? What if you are offered to play in a world inhabited by other mermaids and you are the queen of your underwater kingdom? And if you have to move permanently to land, where will you learn to walk and socialize among people? In other words, you have a whole range of really fun and addicting games at your disposal, each of which will captivate you with its entertaining gameplay for a long time.