Who would have thought ten years ago that memes would become a real mover of modern culture? They define new trends, allow you to learn some things, and in some cases act as an educational element. Memes are the reaction of the public to everything that happens and the display of the most popular phenomena. The number of created and popular memes, in general, is extremely unlikely to count, but no one cares about such statistics. We just love to have fun and enjoy great memes, and in the face of such demand, it is not surprising that a lot of modern game developers have begun to introduce this cultural heritage into their industry.

Today, there are so many games based on memes that they were enough for an entire section in which you can find the perfect combination of the game genre and your favorite characters. Do you want to try yourself as one of the many popular favorites, whose face every inhabitant of the Internet knows? Have you ever thought about what would have happened to these heroes if they had not become famous on the network or did something else on the day of recording?

Among the many games, you will find simulators of the characters’ life. You will have the opportunity to direct the meme hero to another place and do something new that will never make him popular. And in other games, you will have the opportunity to make the character even more popular than it is. In short, there are a huge number of similar projects, among which you will definitely find exactly what you have been looking for for so long.

In some projects, you will be faced with several simple tasks, while in others you will have the opportunity to confront real users who will be eager to lead their hero to victory. Don't try to find a huge amount of logic in the games in this section. Just enjoy the fun and be sure to share the game with your friends. Let them also celebrate all the memes of the new generation of games.