The Middle Ages have always attracted a huge number of game developers with its atmosphere, authenticity, and the ability to implement colorful, large-scale battles. Yes, the overwhelming majority of games of this genre are somehow connected with direct confrontations with opponents, which is completely unsurprising, because we are talking about the era of knights, castles, wars of conquest and brave monarchs. And when some era is famous for such a set of characteristics, it is difficult to imagine a computer game without the listed components.

Among the huge number of games presented, you will definitely have something to choose from. If you want to concentrate exclusively on the military component, then choose one of the many projects where you have to control some character who will fight against numerous enemies.

In such projects, the system will allow you to extract important resources and increase important functional characteristics, thanks to which you can fight much more effectively on numerous fronts and against a huge number of opponents.

If this is not enough for you, then you have an opportunity to choose a game in which you have to build and develop entire cities to collect armies in them and go on a military campaign. Games of this genre will allow you to delve into the economic component much more accurately and will allow you to feel like a real monarch. Choose a project that will allow you to fully enjoy high-class gaming and will carry you into the process for long hours of active play.