There is a clear belief that mathematics is the universal language of the universe. Indeed, it is difficult to argue with the basic mathematical laws, which are extremely difficult to dispute or even change in some way. Throughout the history of mankind, mathematics has aroused awe in a large number of people and was a true passion for the greatest minds. All this naturally became a subject for increased demand and interested the developers of modern computer games.

In the presented catalog you can find a huge scattering of projects that are tied to mathematical problems and various numerical solutions. This is the same series of games that is based on correct decision making and logical component. If you are bored with dynamic games where you have to control various characters who perform the same type of actions, then we strongly recommend you try your hand at the next generation of math games.

Here you will have to solve complex problems in various forms. Want to add prime numbers so that they add up and combine to form numbers of the same denomination? What about finding the same values ​​on a game board that is oversaturated with numerous components? If this is not enough for you, then in the presented catalog you will find not just entertainment with a mathematical bias, which are created for children, but real problems, over the solution of which the greatest minds of mankind are fighting. In other words - here you will find what you have been looking for for so long. Do you want to try your hand at knowing the most useful of the exact sciences? What are you waiting for?