Never was there a moment in history for a gamer not to do some plentiful time spending on a well-crafted matching game. The genre developed a long time ago, and it truly never stopped growing.

Everyone and their mother has at some point downloaded one on their phone to play while in class or anywhere remotely as boring. You can play them casually with no feeling for the time you spend on a single level, or fast-paced, score-focused rush where, unbelievably, even your adrenaline levels will spike despite the apparent, boringly simple gameplay.

Despite looking similar, none of these games is like the other. I mean, the concept remains the same - match objects to collect points or get to the objective in order to win, but there is always a different catch, some mechanics that make the experience vastly different that the other games of the same type. Usually the concept is to switch colors or balls around in order to match three of the same type, which then if matched in line, will free you of those three and all connected colors of the same type. Mind you, it does not have to be colors, or just colors, that differentiate these types. The catch is usually in the power-up department, each game has their own set of these which will define how you play, focus on getting one power up that dropped instead of the other and this will make or “break” the level you are currently on. At later dates, or later levels, these will make all the difference, you simply cannot win a level without properly utilizing them, no simple “just keep matching three” will win you the level, since you have a limited number of moves.

This whole concept might seem easy to you, and if it does, do try it out and see for yourself whether it really is so.