It is extremely difficult to imagine a person who has never met a Match 3 Games genre in his life. Today, these projects are incredibly popular on all platforms, from browser versions to their natural habitat - mobile platforms.

The essence of the games of the genre comes down to a simple mechanic of replacing the places of various components on the playing field. You just combine different shapes and do everything to make components of the same color connect. Moreover, if three or more of these components are connected as a result of your active actions, they will disappear from the playing field, and you will receive game points and come closer to victory.

However, do not be mistaken about the fact that the place of empty fields will remain unclaimed. If you remove several components of the same type from the field, then new ones will drop in their place, and if you plan to create perfect order on the field, then you will not succeed. This game has completely different rules and requirements.

Among the huge number of games presented, you will find those that require high concentration and quick decision-making. But if you have more than enough simple logical actions, then choose less dynamic projects, where you will not need to rush anywhere and you are able to fully enjoy the excellent gameplay.

Games of this genre are constantly updated with new products so that you can try out both real cult projects that have become quite sensational in recent years, and get acquainted with dark horses, who still have a long way to go from obscurity to the status of a segment leader.