It is difficult to say how many books and songs have been written about love at all times. Many philosophers in all seriousness consider love to be the distinguishing feature of humanity from all other forms of life that are familiar to us. And the significance of such a strong feeling is absolutely impossible to overestimate.

It was love that created our modern world in the form that we all know very well. Naturally, all this could not pass by the gaming industry, in which projects about love occupied a separate niche. And in this section, we are pleased to offer some popular (and not so) Love games.

What is great about the presented projects is that here any user can find what he loves. If you want to play as a character who, guided by strong feelings, embarks on an incredibly long journey, then you can choose from numerous projects in which everything is built around plot twists and turns of love. But if this is not enough for you, then you can play something more dynamic and show all your ingenuity, show the speed of decision-making and train your reaction. Such games are extremely popular and are in high demand on the market today.

Among other things, within the framework of the genre, you can choose both a hit of the season that has already taken place and new items that are only at the initial stage to the top of their fame. Choose what appeals to you more and plunge into a love story that can move mountains. However, remember - as, in any other game, you will have to compete with other players and break other people's records. Even if the regime of this confrontation will be very far-fetched and in a passive mode, this does not mean at all that it is impossible to show everyone around who the real master is.