The gaming community is traditionally divided into several opposing camps. Some prefer quick games in which you need to show lightning-fast reactions, while others prefer leisurely gaming, where you need to show the logic, and make the right decisions. However, most modern games are united by an element of logic that can be present in any project. And it does not matter at all how in what proportions and in what form this logic is present within the framework of each individual project.

Although it should be admitted that the category of Logic Games is more associated with games in which there is a strong strategic footprint. In such projects, you rarely need to act quickly and make decisions in the heat of the moment. Here measured analytics is important, which will help to draw clear lines as well as make the only right decision. If in this description you recognized your favorite genre of games, then you are exactly at the right place!

In fairness, it should be noted that in this section you will find not only fast games that can captivate you for long hours of active gaming. You will be able to choose a project in which the system will offer you to find a unique solution through a series of logical actions, and this often precedes the player's long thoughts. In other words - the Logic Games section is a whole cascade of completely different projects that are united by one component - they all require increased attention and an analytical mindset. Everything else is a matter of technique and personal preference for each gamer.